Terms and Conditions

1. Service Description

-We will create your professional website with purchase of one of the monthly plans we offer:

PRO SITE : $499 one-time setup fee + $99/m

Website & Local Listings - 3 pages website (home page, gallery, contact us), 2 small changes every month, custom domain, cloud hosting, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth. We will create & keep up to date your Google Business Profile. On top of that we will create Bing Places Profile, Yelp and keep building local citations for your business.

PRO SITE + : $499 one-time setup fee +$300/m

Website + Local SEO

Everything from PRO SITE plan + monthly local SEO service.

PRO SITE ++ : $499 one-time setup fee + $750/m

Website + Local SEO + Paid Ads

Everything from PRO SITE plan + monthly local SEO service + local paid ads (Google or Facebook)

*some services if used in any given month exclude other services. Ex. In our $300/m plan:

-if we create local listings or make site changes and create 1 extra page with content, no other services will be included this month.

-if we do link building, no other services will be included this month

-The website must be informational type of website ex. company website displaying information about services, company info, contact information, small photo gallery, etc. There is no custom coding or ecommerce websites included in this offer.

– You must provide all required materials needed to build the website within 10 business days of the initial payment (photos, logos, texts)

-The website will be built with website builder and must be hosted with 123PROSITE (New Media Group, Inc.). The cost of hosting services (maintenance on the server side) is included in monthly fee. There is no FTP access to server for end users.

-Domain registration/renewal is included in monthly fee. Only standard .com, .us domains priced at $20 or below are included. Of course, you can use domain you already own.

-SSL Certificate is included in monthly fee

2. Fees/Extra Options:

-extra page $60/page

-content writing $40/page

-extra stock photos $5/image

-email service $2/month/mailbox

3. Cancelation & Ownership

– If, at any time, your company no longer needs website, simply do not pay the monthly fee. Service will stop working, you will lose the right to use the website and domain. There is no extra charge for the service interruption.

-Domain ownership. If, you wish to cancel service with us but keep domain name this needs to be reported before cancellation of service. You can request to transfer domain to other provider – there is $29 fee to release domain from our system.

– Your new website will be created with website builder. You’re not the owner of this website. Your company receives the right to use the website/domain for as long as you renew the monthly plan with us. The right to use the website/domain is renewed each month when you pay monthly fee (website must be hosted by 123PROSITE – New Media Group, Inc.)

– You can downgrade or upgrade your plan at anytime ex. $750/m to $300/m or $300/m to $750/m

– You can purchase rights to the site at any time for a one-time fee of $199. After payment, we will export your website’s HTML code and you can host it with any hosting company. It is important to understand that this can cause some parts of your website to stop working. Exporting of the website gives you the right to use one copy of the website with any web hosting company. It does not give you the right to redistribute source code of website, or any other rights to site builder’s code or any other integrations that we used to build you website.

Please keep in mind that your website may use some plugins or other services that require recurring payments and after paying of the site you are responsible for these fees.

-After first year of service there is option to downgrade to maintenance only package priced at $25/m (you keep the website, domain, hosting, SSL & we keep your site code up to date.) All other services that were offered, e.g. creating listings, local SEO, paid advertising, etc. will be canceled.

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